Please visit the following websites to learn more about the great dinosaurs that
walked this earth millions of years ago. Listed here are wonderful resources to
learn more about dinosaur facts. Enjoy!

Dinosaur Toys
– Your #1 source for dinosaur toys for kids. Games, books, models, and much more.

Planet Dinosaur
– An extensive site with dinosaur information pages related to their anatomy,
classification, new discoveries, paleo art, extinction theories, prehistoric reptiles,
events before the dinosaurs, dinosaurs a to z, kids section, and more…
– A Jurassic Park Fan Site for all Dinosaur Enthusiasts! Includes: Jurassic Park Props
& Memorabilia, Dinosaur Encyclopedia, Art Gallery, Theme Park Project, Cloning
Articles, Creating the JP Animatronics, JP4 News, Message Board, Links and more!


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