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Rex Racer

rex racerHop on your bike or ATV and take it to the hills. Collect eggs, do tricks, and make it to the finish all without taking a dive. View full article »

Dinosaur Truck

dinosaur truckDefend your truck and eggs against dinosaur attack! View full article »

Dino Paint

dino paintHelp the prehistoric artist paint the dinosaur and then help him escape it when it comes to life! View full article »

Hunga Hatch

hunga hatchClick on a group of three or more matching dinosaurs to make them disappear. Survive to play the next level! View full article »


bmrexPlay this funky and fun dinosaur bike racing game with cool stunts! View full article »

Tyrannosaurus Rex, probably the most recognizable dinosaur, lived in the Late Cretaceous Period and was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs. View full article »

Dinosaur Eggs

dinosaur eggsHere’s a cool 3D style dinosaur matching game. Click on an egg to reveal it’s picture and then hunt for its match. View full article »

Dinosaur Memory

dinosaur memoryTest your memory skills with this fun card matching game. Flip over cards and try to remember the dinosaur so you can pair it with its match. View full article »

Me and My Dinosaur

me and my dinosaurA story of the bond between a boy and his best friend. View full article »

Robot Dinosaurs

Robot DinosaursDinosaurs fly and shoot laser beams when they roar. View full article »

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