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youre toastYou’re toast…you are actually a piece of toast running for your life because a hungry T-Rex is hot on your tail! Do everything you can to survive in this funny dinosaur game. Run and jump your way from platform to platform. Smash eggs to reveal special abilities and collect coins to be spent in the shop in between runs. Scare¬†stegosauruses, jump over other dinosaurs, and avoid sticky patches. There’s a list of objectives if you’d like the extra challenge. View full article »

prehistoric downfallGame 2 in the really fun dinosaur game series. View full article »

123 Games

123gamesPlay some great educational games over at 123 Games.


prehistoricAvoid a bunch of enemies while trying to collect eggs and diamonds. View full article »

brachiosaurusBrachiosaurus, which name translates to “arm reptile”, lived in the late Jurassic Period. it was one of the biggest land animals ever, estimated at 80 tons at 85 feet long, ¬†12 times the size of large elephant! View full article »

pteranodonContrary to popular belief, the pteranodon, a genus of Pterosaur, was a reptile but not a dinosaur. In fact no pterosaur, including pterodactyls, is a dinosaur. View full article »

Rex Racer

rex racerHop on your bike or ATV and take it to the hills. Collect eggs, do tricks, and make it to the finish all without taking a dive. View full article »

Dinosaur Truck

dinosaur truckDefend your truck and eggs against dinosaur attack! View full article »

Dino Paint

dino paintHelp the prehistoric artist paint the dinosaur and then help him escape it when it comes to life! View full article »

Hunga Hatch

hunga hatchClick on a group of three or more matching dinosaurs to make them disappear. Survive to play the next level! View full article »

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