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Dino Run

dino runEscape the pyroclastic wall of doom and find your dinosaur sanctuary. View full article »

Dino K

dino kUse the abilities of 3 different dinosaurs and your brain to make it through this platform dinosaur game. View full article »

Dino Hunters

dino huntersA dinosuar defense game. Keep the dinosaurs from invading your base by placing various weapons on the ground. View full article »

Have a Nice Day

have a nice dayCan’t think of a better fighting combination than a ninja and a T-rex! View full article »

Dino Rush

dino rushThis one is all about teamwork. Use both big and small dinosaurs to escape the levels of this game. View full article »

Dino Babies

dino babiesWait for your baby to hatch and then keep it happy to earn a coin. Feed it meat and milk and then put it to sleep.Earn enough coins in each level to pass to the next. View full article »

Rex Stunts

Rex StuntsA T-Rex ┬áin a silly hat does tricks on a BMX bike! Do enough tricks in each level to meet the points minimum. You’ll have only 3 lives to beat all levels. View full article »

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